What is zirconium?

What is zirconium?

Zirconium is a very new material in dental ceramics for dentistry and implantology. They are composed of 95% highly synthesized zirconium oxide and partially stabilized with yttrium oxide, the remaining 5%. It has many qualities that make it a highly recommended material, since it usually covers the needs and desires of the treatments. It has been used especially to make dental crowns.

What is a dental crown?

When we talk about crown, we mean a cover that is placed on the tooth.
It can also go over implants in case the patient has previously undergone this surgery. And that replaces the natural tooth practically and aesthetically. Zirconium is a material widely used for crowns, because it is very resistant and very natural, and therefore perfectly simulates the natural tooth.
It is a highly recommended material for the most visible teeth, since these crowns, because of their translucency, are not as bulky and thick as those of other materials such as metal.

This material has multiple advantages, such as:

  • You can choose the shade of white that most closely resembles your tooth enamel
  • The wear of the crown is minimal with the passage of time, and if it becomes worn it will not be noticeable, as it will continue with the same tone.
  • Patients suffering from receding gums will not experience unsightly contrast, since the crown does not contain metal.
  • It is a material that cannot generate rejection by the body, since it is biocompatible
  • It is a very resistant material to fractures.

We want to remember that the care of crowns is very important, that is, to maintain a good dental hygiene routine, to ensure good oral health.

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