Fixed Dental Bridge – Its Function and Benefits

fixed dental bridge

Fixed Dental Bridge – Its Function and Benefits

BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona Presents: The Fixed Dental Bridge – Its Function and Benefits

Discovering the Fixed Dental Bridge at BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona

At BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona, we understand the importance of a complete and functional smile. The fixed dental bridge, an advanced prosthetic solution, plays a crucial role in restoring the beauty and functionality of your smile. Firmly anchored between two pillars – whether natural teeth or implants – this type of bridge incorporates pontic prostheses in its central design for an aesthetic and lasting result.

When is it Advisable to Opt for a Fixed Bridge?

At BLASI Dental Clinic, we prioritize fixed bridges over implants for patients with multiple dental losses. By placing implants, we not only prevent bone resorption but also ensure an effective bite and a balanced distribution of occlusal forces. This practice is part of our philosophy of dental conservation and minimal invasion, always preferring implants over traditional bridges when it comes to preserving adjacent healthy teeth.

Advantages of Choosing Fixed Dental Bridges at BLASI Dental Clinic

Fixed dental bridges are a popular and accessible option for many of our patients due to:

– Improvement in facial aesthetics and harmony, avoiding asymmetries caused by missing teeth.

– More accessible cost compared to implants, especially in cases of multiple dental losses.

– Durability and stability, as long as proper maintenance and occlusion studies are carried out.

Important Considerations About Fixed Bridges

Despite their advantages, at BLASI Dental Clinic we consider that fixed dental bridges, especially those anchored to natural teeth, can be more invasive than implants. Therefore, we explore alternatives like dental veneers or inlays that align better with our philosophy of minimally invasive dentistry.

Exploring Types of Dental Bridges: The Right Choice at BLASI Dental Clinic

In our clinic, we carefully evaluate each case to determine the most suitable type of dental bridge:

– Traditional Dental Bridge: Ideal when there are healthy teeth on both sides of the empty space. However, we favor implants in these cases to avoid altering healthy teeth.

– Cantilever Dental Bridge: Generally not recommended by our clinic due to its lower stability.

– Maryland Dental Bridge: Used as a provisional solution at BLASI Dental Clinic, while waiting for the integration of a definitive implant.

– Fixed Bridge on Implants: The preferred option for the loss of multiple teeth, anchored to implants instead of natural teeth for a safer and less invasive solution.

At BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona, our team of experts in rehabilitation and dental prosthesis is dedicated to finding the best solution to restore the functionality and aesthetics of your smile. Visit us for a personalized consultation and discover how fixed dental bridges can improve your quality of life.

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