Effective toothache relief: Complete Guide

toothache relief

Effective toothache relief: Complete Guide

Effective Toothache relief: Complete Guide from BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona

Introduction to toothache relief:

At BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona, we understand the impact of toothache on daily life. Therefore, we offer you this complete guide with tips and answers to frequently asked questions for toothache relief, providing both temporary remedies and valuable information until your next visit to the dentist.

How to Quickly Relieve Toothache

Immediate Toothache Relief:

– How to quickly relieve toothache?

For quick relief from toothache, saltwater rinses or the application of cold compresses can be effective. These solutions can offer temporary relief and are easy to apply.

Effective Home Remedies:
– What home remedy is good for toothache?

Mouthwashes with saltwater and clove oil are effective home remedies. Saltwater can reduce inflammation and mild pain, while clove oil has anesthetic properties.

Nighttime Solutions:
– How to instantly relieve toothache at night?

At night, pain relievers like ibuprofen can be helpful. Additionally, keeping the head elevated with pillows can help reduce pressure in the affected area.

Selection of Painkillers:

– Which painkiller is stronger for tooth pain?

Ibuprofen, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, is usually recommended. The choice of painkiller should be based on the intensity of the pain and medical recommendations.

– Which part of the hand to press for toothache?

Acupressure at point LI4, located between the thumb and index finger, can offer relief. However, this should be considered as temporary relief.

– What is better for toothache, Nolotil or paracetamol?

Both can be effective, but Nolotil is usually more potent. Its use should be supervised by a professional due to possible side effects.

– What is stronger, ibuprofen or Nolotil?

Nolotil is generally more potent. Ibuprofen is a good option for most patients due to its safety and effectiveness.

Understanding the Use of Nolotil for toothache relief:

– How long does it take for Nolotil to work on a tooth?

Nolotil usually begins to act within 30 minutes to 1 hour.

– What pain does Nolotil relieve?

It is effective for moderate to severe pain, including toothache, but should be used under medical prescription.

Comparing Anti-Inflammatories:

– What is stronger, ibuprofen or Enantyum?

Enantyum is more potent than ibuprofen, and its choice depends on a professional’s recommendation.

Mouthwashes and Natural Remedies for toothache relief:

– Salt Water: A simple saltwater rinse can soothe inflammation and mild pain.

– Hydrogen Peroxide: We do not recommend its use due to potential damage to gums and dental enamel.

– Clove Oil: Applied carefully, it can temporarily numb the affected area.

– Mint: Peppermint oil offers mild and refreshing relief.

– Topical Application of Aspirin: Applying aspirin directly to the tooth is not recommended.

– Cold Compresses: Effective for pain due to blows or inflammation.

– Local Anesthetics: Provide momentary relief, but should be used sparingly.

– Use of Garlic: Although it has anti-inflammatory properties, it is not effective for toothache.


At BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona, we are dedicated to your dental health. These methods can offer temporary relief, but a professional review is essential to address the cause of the pain. Remember, prevention and proper dental hygiene are key to avoiding future dental problems. We are here to provide you with the best care and dental attention.

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