Tooth loss, what can I do?

tooth loss

Tooth loss, what can I do?

Tooth loss

Partial or total edentulism means the loss of some or all of the teeth. This is a fairly common problem in adult patients. Sometimes, this tooth loss is due to trauma, agenesis, caries or periodontal disease. As a consequence, the functionality and aesthetics of the smile can be seriously affected.


Possibly, if in your case you suffer from missing teeth, you may think that it does not cause any inconvenience since it allows you to chew without problems. Nothing is further from reality, since the absence of dental pieces can lead to problems of wear, occlusion, tooth loss…


What causes cause a tooth loss?




One of the causes of tooth loss is periodontitis or periodontal disease. Periodontitis or gum disease can cause progressive bone loss that reaches the apex of the tooth. This is caused by the accumulation of bacterial plaque on the gums causing inflammation. If this were the cause of your missing tooth, it would be advisable to visit a periodontist in Barcelona


Tooth hypodontia (tooth loss)


Patients suffering from dental agenesis usually have absence of maxillary lateral incisors or premolars. This is due to a genetic cause since those teeth never erupted. In this case, the ideal treatment would be the placement of dental implants in Barcelona once facial growth is complete.




Tooth loss is often caused by tooth decay. Caries can usually be treated with a filling if they are not very extensive. If, on the other hand, the caries is very large, the indicated treatment is endodontics (kill the nerve) or extraction or tooth extraction.


Tooth trauma 


After a dental trauma, due to a blow or accident, it is possible to lose the tooth completely. Many times, fractures occur or the nerve of the tooth (the pulp) is affected. Depending on the position of the fracture, dental extraction may be indicated and the need to place a dental implant.


Problems caused by tooth loss


The lack of a tooth can cause several problems. Among them is the lack of aesthetics in the smile. It can also cause phonation problems, due to difficulty in pronouncing. In addition, it can lead to chewing problems and as a consequence of digestion. On the other hand, it also generates the malposition of the surrounding teeth and the loss of bone where the tooth was.


Solution for missing teeth


The most effective solution to replace dental pieces is the placement of dental implants. There are other alternatives such as bridges or removable prostheses. With current digital technology, we can place a dental implant being minimally invasive and without the need for surgery.


At BLASI Clínica Dental Barcelona, ​​we have the latest technology for implant placement. In addition, our dental implant specialists in Barcelona are trained in the best American universities. If after this post you have any questions about dental implants, we encourage you to contact us.

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