The dental hygienist, what is it? What is its function?

The dental hygienist, what is it? What is its function?

Well, the dental hygienist is the professional who is responsible for ensuring that patients have good oral health. Therefore, this specialist is only trained to be an expert in oral hygiene. The hygienists are trained to a very specific higher degree.

It is important to differentiate between the hygienist and the assistant, since the former is specialized in oral cleaning and therefore works in the patient’s oral cavity, as well as being able to help the doctor. In contrast, the assistant will under no circumstances act in the mouth of the patient only attends to the needs of the doctor.

If we focus on the figure of the hygienist, we must know that he is an essential figure in a dental clinic, since his role is fundamental to preserve, prevent and treat the oral health of patients. They can achieve this through a series of functions they perform, such as prophylaxis. Prophylaxis, commonly known as dental hygiene, is deep cleaning in which bacterial plaque is removed and calculus (tartar) that can remain in the patient’s mouth. This treatment is highly recommended and necessary at least once a year (or more depending on the patient’s profile), since daily brushing and hygiene routine that can be practiced at home is not enough.

How is a prophylaxis performed?

First a general review must be carried out in order to detect the possible problems and needs of each patient, in order to carry out a personalized and thorough cleaning for the best results.

The hygienists also perform treatments such as teeth whitening which is one of the most demanded in dental aesthetics, although it is the hygienists who perform it must be the specialist doctor in dental aesthetics who must prescribe the treatment.

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