The Blasi brothers lecturers at the UIC

The Blasi brothers lecturers at the UIC

This past Friday, the Blasi brothers have presented at the International University of Catalonia for a group of dentists. On this occasion the topic at hand was ‘The importance of communication between the surgeon and the restorative dentist on the front.’

In their lecture, doctors talked about the importance of starting any treatment on the aesthetic front with a vision of the final result. This simulation of the final result can be obtained analogically or digitally and allows clinicians to be guided when making decisions and also helps the patient to see how their teeth will look after finishing the treatment.

In the afternoon, the theory part was complemented with a practical part in which attendees had the opportunity to place implants on pig heads, perform a gum graft and guided bone regeneration around an implant.

This conference was given with the collaboration of the Ticare implant company and Drs. José Nart (head of the periodontics area of ​​the International University of Catalonia) and Àngels Pujos (associate professor of the periodontics department).

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