Retainers: what are they?

Retainers: what are they?

The retainers are devices, which have the function of maintaining the corrections that have been achieved with the orthodontic treatment, and therefore these must be applied when the orthodontic treatment is finished. When the orthodontic treatment ends the teeth are already well placed, we must control them annually because they can move again, and therefore the importance of the retainers, because they preserve these changes. These do not move the teeth, simply maintains the state of these, so it is important to pay attention to the recommendations of the orthodontist to preserve our oral health.

What types are there?

Dental retainers can be fixed or removable. Fixed ones are used throughout the day. The patient will not notice that it hardly takes them since it is a very thin wire that is placed in the lingual area of ​​the teeth. Nobody will notice and the only drawback is that, during the first days of use, it can cause yagas when rubbing against the tongue as well as accumulating more bacterial plaque (tartar) in that area. On the other hand, the removable ones,
they are transparent splints that are made to measure for each patient. Removable retainers should be worn at night.

How should they be cared for?

As with the care of dental implants, maintaining good dental hygiene is essential if we have dental retainers, as well as a good hygiene also of the removable retainers and always preserve them in their case. Every year they will be cleaned in the clinic with ultrasounds to eliminate everything that accumulates in the device. At home, they should be cleaned with brushes of high hardness and water with neutral soap. Always, before storing it in the case, dry it well.

The revisions to the orthodontist are very important, since in the case of the fixed retainers it must be checked that the retainer remains attached to the teeth and has not detached or loosened; and in the case of removable ones that continue adapting to our occlusion and denture.

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