Pulpotomy: what is it?

Pulpotomy: what is it?

Pulpotomy is a treatment that is performed in pediatric dentistry. In this treatment the part of the pulp that has been affected is eliminated, and with the remaining tissue it is treated with a pulp agent to preserve its function without damage.

The pulp can be affected for several reasons:

  • Advanced caries
  • Pulp exposure as a result of trauma.

What are the symptoms?

  • The symptoms of this condition are:
  • Pain
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Inflammation and / or destruction processes of root tissue

    These symptoms may be to some extent a sign of other conditions, but at any indication of pain or other symptoms mentioned above, it is best to visit the dentist as quickly as possible to avoid major ailments.

Is it only done in children?

Pulpotomy is a treatment that is mostly done in children but it is also a possible option in adults as an alternative to endodontics, in cases where the pulp is only slightly affected or the condition is reversible.

In the case of children, it can be done both in temporary dentition and permanent dentition, especially in cases where the root has not finished forming.

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