The invisible orthodontics is an alternative that allows people with many social demands not to deprive themselves of this treatment, which most want to improve their bite and smile without being noticed that it takes place. There are more than 2 million patients around the world have used this treatment.

There are two kinds:

Invisalign or invisible aligners

The aligners are transparent splints made of flexible plastic tailored to your mouth and gradually align your teeth. You have to change them as your teeth move to the correct position. They are practically invisible, you just have to take them off to drink and eat, use thread and brush.

Lingual brackets, on the inside of the teeth

They are personalized braces, designed digitally and are specific to your teeth. They are totally invisible, since they are placed behind the teeth. Currently, it is the most aesthetic and precise option. These are created with the latest technology, tend to align the teeth faster than metal brackets. The movements are programmed digitally in 3-dimensions for a precise treatment.

The process to start the treatment:

The treatment plan is made digitally and totally personalized, tracing the exact movements of the teeth. Each aligner is designed to apply the correct amount of force in the right place and at the right time according to the treatment plan. The orthodontist controls the process and makes sure that his aligners fit correctly.

The invisible orthodontics is empowered to solve any type of problem, just like traditional orthodontics. Some problems such as: diastema (separation of teeth), bite defects, crowding of teeth, etc. The most usual reasons to resort to the invisible are usually by social demand, work facing the public and / or treatment close to an important event.

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