Does my child need brackets?

Does my child need brackets?

It is very common for parents to worry about whether their children need brackets.
To determine if a child needs orthodontic treatment, early diagnosis is essential. Sometimes a first interceptive phase is performed, when the final teeth begin to erupt, to correct skeletal malocclusions such as a narrow palate.

The Spanish Association of Orthodontists says that “If orthodontic problems are detected at this time of life, its solution will be easier. Orthopedic and interceptive treatments in patients of growing age represent a great advance in Orthodontics ”.

In the growing season it is when the orthodontist has the opportunity to guide and correct the development of the maxilla, in addition to the child’s jaw. Preventive visits to the orthodontist can greatly improve the oral health of children, both present and future, since they can avoid maxillofacial surgery when they are older.

It is essential to control the correct relationship between the upper and lower jaws, and of course the placement of the teeth. Since these factors are not only cause a dental aesthetic problem, but can affect breathing or chewing.

From what age?

The pediatric dentists advise that you go as young as possible, more or less at 6 years would be a good age. Although if a very significant problem is observed, it could go from 3 years, which is when the primary dentition is complete.

We must be attentive, since a placement problem could affect the child’s chewing, and therefore affect his diet, and lead to digestive problems.

At Clínica Blasi we have an orthodontist with many years of experience, whose main objective is the bucondental health of children.

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