Digital smile design

Digital smile design

Dental aesthetic treatment, currently, are the most demanded by our patients. Due to this high demand, new and increasingly sophisticated techniques have been emerging to achieve the best results for our patients. That’s why we use the best technologies to achieve it, some of them like the digital design of the smile.

What is the digital design of the smile?

The technique of digital design of the smile allows to see the final result of the patient’s smile, in addition to improving the precision of the treatments that must be performed and that the patient can assess the final result of his smile before starting the treatment.
This system allows patients to see in a direct way the steps to follow to get the perfect smile they want and decide on one type of treatment or another. In a way that allows us to improve communication with our patients.
The specialist can study the different aesthetic variants in terms of color, size, shape or position of the tooth, and you can choose much more personally, as you can do according to the opinion, wishes and needs of the patient.
When seeing the final result of the treatment, the dentist has a good and greater control, and in addition a much more realistic and close vision of the treatment that is going to realize.
The digital design of the smile is a very effective tool, which helps to improve the results of the treatment and its duration, since it provides a lot of precision.

How does it work?

This smile design software is used when patients decide to undergo dental treatment in the previous sector.

First, the specialized dentist performs an aesthetic study of the patient. To do this, take some pictures and videos of the mouth, as well as analyze the mouth and the different orofacial proportions of the patient. Pictures should be taken at rest, in smile, another with separators and another in phonation, pronouncing a word indicated by the dentist. Gypsum models are also taken or in the case of our clinic, a digital scan of the patient’s mouth.
Afterwards, the photographs taken to the software system are loaded and the dentist can measure the proportions and plan the treatment of his patient adapting the dental aesthetics to the facial of each patient.
So, the technology of digital design of the smile allows us to reach a high aesthetic level, especially in the treatments performed in aesthetic front sectors, and its great efficiency and precision, makes it a highly successful system that provides great satisfaction to our patients for the good results obtained and the better communication with them.

At Clínica Blasi we use the latest technology to provide our patients with the best results.

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