Dental clinic Barcelona

Dental clinic Barcelona

In Blasi Clínica Dental Barcelona you will find an excellent dental clinic in Barcelona in which we guarantee the best care to prevent and treat oral health problems. We will take care of the whole family with specialized personnel, from children in pediatric dentistry to adults that could need dental implants or a root canal. You will feel comfortable at all times with our English speaking dentists and staff without any language barrier. We offer a customized and personalized treatment which you will feel comfortable at all times, since we are aware that some patients suffer from stress when going to the dentist.


We have a complete medical team that covers the different dental specialties and that has the assistance of highly qualified personnel, because in our dental clinic in Barcelona we want to provide an integral coverage to our patients. This implies offering solutions to the problems and pathologies related to the mouth, such as crowded teeth, worn teeth, dental pain, snoring and sleep apnea, receding gums, loss of teeth, discoloration of teeth or spots and many others.


We are a dental clinic in Barcelona of great tradition in dentistry that has the most innovative equipment


The definitive solution in the absence of dental pieces are dental implants in Barcelona that we carry out in Blasi Clínica Dental Barcelona, because it is a technique whose results are very similar to having your natural tooth, which improves your appearance, the ability to chew and a great percentage of them last for life. You just have to perform the home care that we will teach you and come and see us to do a periodic follow-up.


More and more patients come to our dental aesthetic specialists in Barcelona to improve the appearance of their smile, since we work with the best materials and the most current techniques for the placement of dental prostheses, crowns, veneers and perform teeth whitening.


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