Orthodontics Barcelona

Orthodontics Barcelona

Some time ago, orthodontics in Barcelona was intended just for teenagers, today we know that the results obtained in adults are equally good, so many adult patients decide to solve their problems of misalignment of teeth and bite with this treatment that is continuously evolving. Ivisalign is a treatment option that shortens the treatment time and offers a more aesthetic option because it is very discreet. For this treatment we use custom-made splints to force the movement of the teeth. These splints must be replaced periodically to advance and achieve the proposed objectives. Another aesthetic option is lingual brackets because they are placed in the internal face of teeth. Finally we also offer ceramic braces, which are white and are less visible to the bare eye than conventional metallic braces.


In Blasi Clínica Dental Barcelona we offer the most effective and innovative treatments in orthodontics in Barcelona that we carry out, choosing the most appropriate system after studying each case and taking into account the patient’s preferences, but always advising you to ensure your oral health.


Our primary is to improve the appearance and function of your mouth with orthodontics in Barcelona in which we are experts on since 1991.


The importance of having a dentist in Barcelona of total trust for the whole family is a priority for us at Blasi Clínica Dental Barcelona. That is why we have specialists in oral surgery and implantology, periodontology (gum diseases), dental infections, hygiene, endodontics, fillings, fixed and removable prostheses, veneers, teeth whitening, dental aesthetics, etc.


In addition, in our eagerness to guarantee a comprehensive and personalized coverage, we also offer excellent services of dentist who speaks English in Barcelona for people suffering from any infection or dental emergency while traveling in our beautiful city and do not speak our language. Thus, we guarantee an accurate communication with them, so that they can tell us what is happening to them and be able to explain to them how we are going to solve it, which undoubtedly gives them great peace of mind.
All of our dentists have been trained for 3 or more years in the United States and do not have a language barrier with foreign patients.


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