What are the consequences of nail biting?

What are the consequences of nail biting?

Nail biting is one of the most common bad habits, and although we are not aware it can have negative consequences for our health.

The consequences in front of this custom are many, since it has physical, emotional, social consequences (being a very ugly habit) … and also for our health, especially our oral health. We say especially of oral health, since this habit is causing dental wear.

Although we are surprised, yes, one of the most perverse effects of nail biting is the wear of dental pieces and, if we carry restorations, the fracture of the same. The consequences are concentrated mainly in the upper and lower incisors. According to experts in the field, we can cause microtrauma that imperceptibly emit particles of enamel, which causes the teeth to wear away. It also affects in other ways: it can cause dental crowding, due to the pressure exerted on the denture.

In addition to the adverse effects it can cause on teeth, it can also report the following problems:

  •  Gum lesions: Gingival tissue is especially sensitive to this bad habit. Biting your nails constantly can cause injuries that, in the most severe cases, cause gum retraction.
  • Alteration of the jaw: according to recent studies, the fact of biting the nails can also lead to jaw disorders. The forced position of the jaw when biting and chewing can alter the temporomandibular joint and cause pain.

What solution is there?

If you have tried to get rid of the habit at all costs and have not succeeded, orthodontics may be your best solution. However, this will only solve the consequences caused by the fact of biting your nails, not the problem.

There are nail varnishes that cause a bad taste when coming into contact with saliva. This would be the best option to eliminate the root problem.

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