root canal vs dental implant


ROOT CANAL VS DENTAL IMPLANT | Is it better to save your tooth or extract?

This is one of the most important topics in dentistry. The answer, as always, is that it depends on each particular case. In this article we are going to try to solve all the doubts that may arise on the subject about root canal and dental implants.

Is it better a root canal treatment than a dental implant?

Sometimes we find patients with large tooth decay and the option of performing a root canal or extracting and placing an implant is raised. Performing a root canal is what is commonly known as ‘killing the nerve’. It will be decided to perform root canal therapy on occasions when the nerve of the tooth is affected. In our dental clinic in Barcelona we have in our team two endodotists. Both of them with have a 3 years postgraduate degree and extensive experience. If the remaining tooth structure is healthy, when removing the caries, is at least 2mm high above the gum, the tooth can be maintained. If, on the other hand, these 2mm are non-existent, a crown lengthening can be performed with the gum specialist, the periodontist. In any case, it is not always possible to perform this type of procedure and different anatomical structures must be previously assessed.

The root canal success rate ranges from 85 to 100% depending on the studies and the criteria used. The success rate of root canal re-treatment is around 77% according to the latest studies. Despite being high success rates, sometimes keeping the tooth may not be the best option due to possible future fractures.

Is a dental implant the best choice?

Without a doubt, the implant is the best option to replace a missing tooth. The problem is when there is a tooth with a questionable prognosis. The dental implant in Barcelona has a success rate of between 95 and 98% according to the studies consulted. Another problem with dental implants is that they can also suffer from loss of bone (peri-implantitis) and gums like teeth. But in the case of dental implants, the progression of bone loss is faster. That is why maintaining your own tooth is always the best option if the prognosis is favorable. The endodontist will assess the restorability of the tooth. The periodontist will assess the state of the gum and the bone around that tooth.

We hope we have solved your doubts in this article about endodontics and dental implants. If you have any questions or need a personalized consultation, we recommend that you contact us. BLASI Clínica Dental Barcelona is a dental center that brings together the best specialist dentists in Barcelona. We have the latest technology in dentistry and new facilities.

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