Name of Teeth – A practical Guide

name of teeth

Name of Teeth – A practical Guide

Exploring Dental Geography: A Guide to the Names of Teeth with BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona

At BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona, every smile tells a unique story, and behind each smile lies a complex geography of teeth that deserves to be explored and cared for with the utmost attention. Through modern dentistry, we can not only name teeth and classify each tooth but also offer a wide range of specialized treatments to keep them in perfect condition. From the dentist in Barcelona to the dental implant specialist, our team is dedicated to preserving and beautifying this oral landscape. In this article, we will focus on the names of the teeth.

The Awakening of the Smile: The First Steps of Baby Teeth

The dental odyssey begins early in life. Around six months, babies start to develop their first set of teeth, affectionately known as baby teeth. These 20 precursors are essential, as they not only facilitate initial nutrition and speech formation but also serve as guides for future permanent dentition.

At BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona, we ensure that this essential development is closely monitored. Symmetry is crucial in this process; a tooth that emerges on one side must have its counterpart on the other. If parents notice any irregularities, our pediatric dentistry team is ready to intervene with advice and care.

Classification and Naming of Permanent Teeth

By adulthood, most of us have 32 permanent teeth, evenly divided between the upper and lower jaws. These are grouped into four distinct categories, each with its own shape, function, and assigned number. 

1. Incisors (8 in total): The four upper and lower incisors are the bishops of the dental chessboard, designed to cut and define the aesthetics of our smile. At BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona, we treat these teeth with a mix of technical skill and aesthetic sensitivity, understanding their importance both functionally and visually.

2. Canines (4 in total): These fangs are fundamental for tearing food and are often the stars in orthodontic treatments due to their impact on the facial profile.

3. Premolars (8 in total): Known for their ability to tear and grind, premolars are essential for efficient chewing. Each of them is vital for overall oral health.

4. Molars (12 in total, including wisdom teeth): These are the giants that grind and crush. Wisdom teeth, in particular, are a specialty of our clinic, as their extraction may be necessary to prevent future complications.

To follow the FDI classification, we divide the mouth into four quadrants. The first quadrant is the upper right, the second is the upper left, the third the lower left, and the fourth the lower right. From the midline towards the back, each tooth receives a number, being first the number of the quadrant and second that of the position of that tooth in the hemiarch. Incisors receive 1 and 2, canines 3, premolars 4 and 5, and molars 6,7 and 8.

The Numerical Nomenclature: Naming Teeth in Universal Language

At our dental clinic in Barcelona, we adopt the universal dental numbering system, which assigns a specific number to each tooth. This facilitates communication between dentists and is fundamental to maintaining clarity in dental treatment, from diagnosis to the execution of complex procedures such as dental implants.

The Singularity of Dental Agenesis – name of teeth

Dental agenesis, the absence of one or more teeth, is a condition some are born with. At BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona, we address this challenge with personalized solutions. From dental implants to maryland bridges and orthodontics, we offer options so that each patient can enjoy a complete and functional smile.

Cultivating Lasting Smiles at BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona

In our practice, each tooth has its own identity and requires a personalized approach. With our team of dentists in Barcelona, we are dedicated to offering customized treatments, from preventive care to advanced procedures such as dental implants.

We invite our patients to explore the richness of our dental practice, where health and beauty come together to create lasting smiles. At BLASI Dental Clinic Barcelona, your smile is our masterpiece.”

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