Design of digital smile and ceramic laminates

Design of digital smile and ceramic laminates

The digital design of the smile is an innovative method that gives the possibility to patients to see how their treatment and results will be, this helps to take a more emotional side to the treatment since seeing the results can see a better version of them same before you start. This tool allows to value and plan aesthetic rehabilitation treatments.

The digital planning of the smile supposes that there is a process of analysis and collection of information, among which we include intra-oral and facial photographs, as well as radiographs. The references offered by these tests ensure the reliable transfer of planning to the patient’s face, and that the teeth are modified so that their size, position and shape are harmonic with respect to the patient’s facial anatomy. That is to say that the patient can see exactly on his own face how will be the result, which is the method that was used in these before and after images.

In addition to using the digital design of the smile, for better planning and personalization, for the treatment we opted for the ceramic laminates, also called porcelain veneers. This is one of the most recommended options for patients who want to improve their dental aesthetics. The main advantage of opting for this treatment is that they recreate exactly the appearance of natural teeth and obtain a strength very similar to natural enamel. Therefore, these are used to correct any type of alteration of shape, position or color. In addition to having other added benefits:

Save the natural tooth: It can be placed on the tooth itself, which avoids having to carve it, and without wearing down its structure.
It gives strength to the natural dental piece: Being of porcelain, they provide strength to the tooth, which allows to endure many years and without worrying when it comes to eating hard foods.
Personal image: It is one of the treatments that provide a more natural result and therefore favors more aesthetically.
Repair broken teeth: Dental laminates are of great benefit to correct the breakage of the tooth, fix the teeth and recover their shape.

At Clínica Blasi, we want each patient to have a totally personalized treatment, because for us, each patient is a new opportunity to be a better version of ourselves.

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