Why should milk teeth be taken care of?

Why should milk teeth be taken care of?

Baby teeth are crucial in the development of a child. That is why it is important to take good care of them, because even though they are going to fall, they can avoid future problems in the child’s mouth. Caring for them since they develop as babies until they fall as children is essential to maintain good oral health in the future.

The milk teeth have an evolution, they erupt between six months and two or three years of age, it depends on each child. In this process 20 dental pieces are developed, which maintain the space for the permanents that will erupt when the milk falls, this begins to happen after five years.

The fall of milk teeth is due to the pressure exerted from the root by the final teeth. Normally the child begins to notice that the tooth moves, until it falls, but there are cases where the permanent teeth come out before the milk falls, in these cases, you must go to the dentist to be treated.

The importance of taking care of milk teeth What is it?

Since we are babies, even before baby teeth it is very important that they have a good local hygiene, this practice should be done by the parents, taking care of the baby’s gums by cleaning their gums with wet gauze after eating.

It is very important that as the child grows, the importance of having a good routine of oral hygiene is transmitted to him, that it is recommended that it be supervised by the parents up to the age of 8 or so, until the child has a certain independence and total awareness of the importance of this hygienic routine.

And even if the milk teeth are not definitive and therefore, being passengers we think they are not important, it is important to take care, even in the process of tooth loss, since they must fall naturally, it is not advisable lose them ahead of time.
This factor is important, since the milk teeth influence the space that will later have the final teeth, and their early loss can cause space problems in the future. Besides milk teeth also help the child in the process of chewing food, which is important to have a healthy diet, complete and balanced, something that influences oral health too. They also have a fundamental role in the process of learning to talk about the child, since they allow the child to learn to vocalize so that he learns to speak correctly.

It is important that because they are milk teeth and will fall we think that it is less important to take care of them, because as we have said these condition to a large extent the state of health of the permanent dental pieces. Therefore, good oral hygiene is essential from newborns and that they have a healthy and balanced diet. Since in the case of sugars, cause tooth decay and if this disease has been suffered in milk teeth is much more likely to suffer in the permanent. Therefore it is essential to have a good oral hygiene routine, always take a healthy and balanced diet, and make periodic visits to your dentist for the necessary review.

Many parents are more sugar permissive because they will fall, or are not as strict with their cleaning routine for the same reason. The reality is that these bad cleaning habits can be very damaging. In the case of consuming large amounts of sugar, this can favor the development of cavities in permanent teeth. In fact, having decay in milk teeth greatly increases the likelihood of their development in the final teeth.

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