What types of gum are there?

What types of gum are there?

The gum has different parts, and each of them has a different function. Gum care is essential to avoid periodontal diseases.

Which are?

Gum types are mucous tissues of the oral cavity, which surround the tooth. The gum forms a seal that protects the bone and other supporting tissues, for this reason it is so important that care is taken because if periodontal disease occurs, not only the teeth can be lost but the bone itself.

There are two types of gum depending on the area where it is located:

  • Type gum attached: it is the one that surrounds the teeth in the form of a collar. In some cases this type of gum is treated with gum contours or gum grafting.
  • Marginal or free gum type: it is the one that is above the attached gum and forms what is called the groove. Bacterial plaque builds up around the free gum and it is essential to keep it healthy.

What diseases can the gums suffer?

  • Gingivitis: occurs when plaque accumulated in the tooth ends up attacking the gum. What causes this disease is an inflammation of the gum and bleeding, when you touch or brush your teeth. This is an initial state and can be easily treated if it is detected in time, so it is important that if one of these symptoms is detected, go to the dentist. It can happen sometimes that people with this condition are not aware, especially occurs to smokers since nicotine can mask this disease.
  • Periodontitis: this is a more advanced stage of periodontal disease. In this case the bacterial plaque affects not only the inner face of the tooth, but also the alveolar bone. It requires urgent treatment, because if it is not done there is a risk of losing teeth and bone. In case of losing pieces or bone, an implant and / or bone graft should be performed.

At Clínica Blasi we recommend that, in the slightest doubt, consult your periodontist to prevent possible diseases.

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