What is orthognathic surgery?

What is orthognathic surgery?

Orthognathic surgery, you mean according to its etymology that comes from the Greek, orthos “rectum” and gnathos, “jaw.” It is an operation that aims to correct dento-cranio-maxillofacial deformities to achieve the perfect balance between all facial features of the patient. This type of facial changes appear in the growth phase of the person and stabilize at the end of it.

When a patient is a candidate for this surgery, a complete analysis of his face should be done. Therefore, all the components that form it are studied: nose, jaw, maxilla, orbital regions, zygomatic bones, teeth and all soft tissues that cover the facial skeleton and cervical region. All these elements are an inseparable set, and therefore when studying it must also be done jointly, also taking into account not only the aesthetics of this set but also its various functions as one. Therefore, the best way is to contemplate everything as a set that forms the whole.

The relationship between orthognathic surgery and orthodontics

There is a very close relationship between these two modalities. Since the realization of this correction is a joint work between the maxillofacial surgeon and the orthodontist.
In the conventional treatment scheme, orthodontics-orthognathic surgery-orthodontics, the mission of presurgical orthodontics is to eliminate existing dental compensations and provide the surgeon with a stable and adequate structure between the upper and lower arches in order to carry out the planned skeletal movements . For its part, postsurgical orthodontics is essential to establish an adequate final occlusion.

At Clínica Blasi, the maxillofacial surgeon and orthodontist work side by side for the best results and offer the best treatment to our patients.

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