What is infant caries?

What is infant caries?

Breastfeeding caries, rampant or commonly known as bottle tooth decay, is what appears in the first years of life. This type of dental caries, originate in the teeth of deciduous (milk), especially in the upper incisors.

Dental caries is an infectious disease, the most common, caused by bacteria in the oral cavity and causes demineralization of the teeth.

Causes of tooth decay

The diet very high in sugary foods and carbohydrates: This is the main cause of childhood caries. This original diet favors changes in the Ph and increases the formation of acids that favors the demineralization of the teeth.
Bad hygiene routine: It is very important to raise awareness among children since they were little, of the importance of having a good daily hygiene routine for teeth, since it will be a very important factor in prevailing good oral health.
The carelessness of deciduous teeth: The premature loss of these teeth is not good for the child as it can cause alterations in basic functions.

How to prevent it?

The most important thing to prevent it is to counteract the causes of this disease. Mainly, children should eat a balanced and healthy diet, and another essential factor is a good daily hygiene routine.

How to detect caries in babies?

The first sample that should be taken into account is the presence of brown or white spots. This could be the main cause for us to address the disease and to be able to apply conservative treatment to treat it.

Prevention and clinic visits will be the best factors to prevent and detect caries, so pediatric dentistry can detect if there are any symptoms of dental caries in babies.

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