What is hypersalivation?

What is hypersalivation?

Hypersalivation is a disorder in the segregation of saliva, causing an excessive amount of segregation. This is a rare disease. Although we must be aware that there may be changes in our oral health that do not come from the teeth.

This medical condition has very particular characteristics and consequences and that is that when hypersalivation occurs, drooling is common, since this hypersalivation is usually accompanied by an inability to swallow saliva or to keep your mouth shut. When increasing the amount of saliva, you also have to increase the swallowing, in order to control the amount of saliva that we have in the mouth. Sometimes, this excess can cause nausea, and even vomiting. Hypersalivation or tialism can cause: peeling lips, chin dermatitis, muscle fatigue and / or taste disturbance.

Hypersalivation is mainly suffered by patients with neurological diseases, especially those with chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Patients who take medications that are anticholinesterase and / or contain histamine or iodides in their composition may also have it. In addition it is also common in smokers.

Do you have treatment?

First of all, it is essential to make a good medical history of the patient, since each patient is different and has different needs, and it may be that the source of the problem is not the same. By making this medical history we can detect the cause of the disease, and from identifying this we can already establish a treatment. It is highly recommended that the treatment be carried out with drugs that have an anticholinergic affect, because what these drugs do is cut the production of saliva.

Another alternative to medication, is the surgical intervention, in which either a part of the salivary glands is removed or a ligation of the ducts of these glands is made, in order to decrease the size of the gland, which will cause it to produce less amount of saliva

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