What is endodontics?

What is endodontics?

We can define endodontics as the treatment of the root canals or roots of the tooth in which the total extraction of the dental pulp is proceeded. This practice is commonly known as “killing the nerve”.
Once the damaged pulp tissue has been removed, it is refilled with biocompatible materials to then seal it again and reconstruct the tooth so that it recovers its functionality, natural appearance and does not present discomfort when eating.

The pulp of the tooth (pulp cavity in the image) is formed by a small soft tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels. It is located in the inner part of the tooth and connects directly with the jaw bone. In addition to the function of helping tooth formation, it is also the part that helps to perceive external stimuli.
Although there are several factors that can lead to the need for endodontics, the most common causes tend to be related to the existence of a deep caries that passes from the enamel to the pulp cavity. While it is true that in most cases the caries can be treated with a dental filling there are others in which the damage produced in the tooth makes it necessary to resort to endodontics.

Causes for which endodontics is necessary:

The main reason why endodontics is necessary is the existence of a caries that either has not been adequately treated or has not been treated and has been growing over time. However, there are other possible causes:
Other pathologies related to the bone or root that surround the tooth.

Why is it necessary to do it?

The inflammation of the dental pulp manifests itself with pain. This pain may have different degrees of intensity and manifest on different occasions. Some of the symptoms for which endodontics may be necessary are the following:

Sensitivity to heat or cold.
Discomfort when eating or drinking.
Certain positions.
Change color of a tooth to a darker shade.
Appearance of a phlegmon or fistula.

The type of pain and symptoms are those that will help the dentist if endodontics can be an appropriate treatment.

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