What is a removable prosthesis?

What is a removable prosthesis?

Removable dentures, also called colloquially as dentures, are dentures that are used for missing teeth. These are very comfortable and also their appearance is very similar to that of natural teeth. Its main objective is to recover oral and chewing functionality, in addition to phonetic capacity, and also facial aesthetics. They should normally be deployed to patients who do not have enough bone for implant placement.

There are two kinds :

  • Complete: these are those used when the patient does not have any teeth, they are placed in the mouth when all the teeth have been extracted and the periodontal tissue is healthy.
  • Partial: they are an alternative to bridges, and the teeth are placed on a metal base that fit between the natural teeth.

Recommendations for patients with false teeth

At the beginning of wearing the prosthesis, it is recommended to start with soft foods, the patient may also notice a certain difficulty when speaking, something that will disappear when he gets used to it.
With the passage of time the gums can be altered and the denture is no longer adapted, in this case the most advisable thing is to go to the specialist to readjust it.
It is essential, as with natural teeth, to have the dentures in a perfect state of oral cleanliness. Therefore, every night it should be removed and left to soak in a glass of water. They can also put an effervescent tablet in the water, and in the morning before putting it on, it is recommended to clean it with a hard toothbrush and a neutral soap.

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