What are zirconium prostheses?

What are zirconium prostheses?

Zirconium prostheses are an aesthetic measure created to replace missing teeth. This measure allows to solve aesthetic problems in the mouth, providing a natural and beautiful smile.

These prostheses have translucent characteristics very similar to those of natural teeth, they also have a high biocompatibility, and they are also white, which improves the dental aesthetics of the patient.

The advantages

Zirconium is an ideal material to use in dentistry, since it has multiple benefits over other materials such as:

  • Aesthetic ability
  • Good fit
  • Biocompatibility
  • High resistance
  • Translucency
  • Plausible to natural teeth

The principal caracteristics

The main characteristics of this material are:

  • Use in patients with metal allergy
  • Similar appearance of natural teeth
  • Very resistant material
  • Easy modulation
  • Dark gingival contour does not occur

Unlike metal-ceramic prostheses, if there is a gingival recession or the gum is of a thin thickness and the prosthesis is transparent, the zirconium does not show a dark but white margin.

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