What are zirconium implants?

What are zirconium implants?

There are many types of implants and the most commonly used material is titanium. Nowadays, a new alternative to this material has appeared and this is zirconium.

Well, zirconium implants are composed of a ceramic material, and are free of metal which provides this characteristic white color that is what attracts and draws the attention of the material itself for the results it gives. Zirconium is a material that has allowed in the field of dentistry to manufacture ceramic implants with a hardness very similar to that of mental, so the problems that previously could cause ceramics in the field of dentistry have been resolved with this new material.

What is the best material for implants?

Everything depends on the case and the needs of each patient. While it is true that titanium implants have been used for longer and have more extensive scientific evidence that endorses them, zirconium implants and clinical trials that precede its use and effectiveness but with a short-term follow-up and with some samples more reduced.

Although it is also true that the new zirconium, are a great innovation and are progressing and implementing more and more. Today, they have already given us many benefits because we have been able to solve the problem of a small percentage of patients who could not get implants due to metal allergies. The advantage of zirconium implants is not only that they do not contain metal, but also because of their white color in patients with fine gingival phenotypes (thin gums), the gray color of the implant or abutment does not show up if recession occurs.

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