What are the consequences of losing one or more teeth?

What are the consequences of losing one or more teeth?

We want to report everything about this fact. The lack of one or several teeth generates different types of problems at the aesthetic level, at a functional and biological level. We will explain in more detail the consequences:


• Problems in chewing. When we lack one tooth or several, the bad crushing of food is one of the main consequences. And this can also accelerate tooth wear.
• Dental mobility. The space that a lost tooth leaves in the mouth also means that other teeth can move from their post and create malocclusions and trauma to other teeth.
• The loss of a bone. It is important to know that if a dental piece is not replaced as soon as possible, it can lose the bone that supported it and may hinder the placement of implants later.


• In addition to the loss at the bone level that this lack of teeth entails, over time a deformation of the features of the face can be generated. One of the main consequences of this is the sinking of the lip.
• The space of the lost tooth is something that can not be disguised when losing a tooth. And this usually generates a great complex at the moment of smiling.
• When a tooth is lost, the accumulation of bacterial plaque is generated more quickly. This consequence is also a negative element when we refer to the image of the smile as such.

Really taking care of our teeth is something very important and that we must carry out daily and following specific guidelines, since in addition to making dental hygiene after each meal, this must also be done correctly. If we are not responsible for dental health, it can affect our overall health. But if you have already lost a tooth, the best option to avoid these consequences is to opt for a dental implant if it is indicated in your case.

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