What are the canines included?

What are the canines included?

The canines included are those that do not come out, although despite having the root formed, they remain within the mandibular or maxillary bone longer than they should. It is very important not only aesthetically, they also have a fundamental function in occlusion, and this is why we will try to guide the tooth to its proper position.

What are the causes?

The causes of having the canines included are unknown. There are some contributing factors that are associated:

When lateral incisor is absent or has an alteration in size
Early loss of the temporary canine
Cysts or neoplastic formations
Supernumerary teeth
Root Dilacerations
Premature apex closure

Which is the treatment?

The first thing to do is to carry out a study, to know initially what the cause has been and from here we can make a clear diagnosis that will help us know which treatment is the best. To do this, we will use 2 and 3 dimensional radiographs.
The therapeutic options are 3:
Surgical exposure of the canine and orthodontic traction.
Canine extraction and implant placement in the area where it should have erupted.
Monitor the canine and do not perform any treatment if the temporary canine can be maintained or the space between the lateral incisor and the premolar has been closed.

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