What are short implants?

What are short implants?

Implants are the future of modern implantology, currently trying to create the perfect implant, which adapts to the characteristics of each patient.
When we talk about short implants we mean implants with shorter lengths. A short implant is one that is below 10 mm (standard). We can find 6, 7, 8 mm implants. There are even implants of less than 6mm. Short implants are a good alternative to breast lift or advanced surgeries.

In which cases are they used?

The use of short dental implants is made especially in cases where the patient has a considerable bone loss. The technique with dental implants is the best solution to the loss and / or absence of dental pieces, but it is not always possible to apply this treatment. It will depend on several factors among which is a bone volume problem. So to determine if this is really the best option, a study on the oral status of the patient should be done.

What advantages do they have?

The main advantages that it has is that being an implant of shorter length is that it does not have so many surgical complications when it comes to placing them, and therefore it will have a better post-operative. Besides that, short implants have a greater acceptance by the patient and the treatment time will be shorter.

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