What are orthodontic micro screws used and why?

What are orthodontic micro screws used and why?

Orthodontics encompasses any tooth movement aimed at improving the alignment of teeth and occlusion of a person. Professionals use tools to speed up the process and achieve the desired results.

Some of these tools we are talking about are the well-known conventional orthodontic gums, and the attachments in the invisible orthodontics, in addition to these there are also the micro screws.

What are the micro screws?

Also known as miniimplants, these are small titanium fixations that are temporarily placed in the maxillary bone during an orthodontic treatment. It is an element, similar to a tiny pin, on which orthodontists rely to perform different movements in the dental pieces.

Being temporary, they have a simple withdrawal for which the dentist should only use local anesthesia, once he has already fulfilled his function for the treatment. This technique is auxiliary, and allows to achieve very good results in the alignment and bite of the teeth.

When are microimplants used?

The most frequent case to resort to these micro-screws is in the case of patients who have the front teeth very placed outwards. Since these micro screws are necessary to avoid movements in the posterior teeth. In this way, the upper incisors can be retracted back reaching the expected and desired result.
Microimplants can be used regardless of the type of orthodontics the patient has chosen.

The advantages of the micro screws

First of all, the micro screws are a fundamental tool for achieving the objectives in orthodontics and thus be able to achieve the best results in each case. Besides this they facilitate the realization of the posterior dental intrusion for the correction of the open bite. They also allow mass retraction of the vestibulized upper incisors and perform distancing of the upper molars to correct the bite. They also help to straighten the molars lying down.

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