Treatment of snoring

Treatment of snoring

Snoring is a very common problem in Spanish society, especially in adult men, although it can also suffer even children, who have a 4% frequency of suffering from this problem.

It is defined as the nocturnal noise that is made when we breathe through the nose or mouth and the air has difficulty circulating through the airways. This may be a result of different reasons, may be caused by the position in which we sleep or by some abnormality in the airways. It can also be caused by sleep apnea, which is shortness of breath for a few seconds while you sleep.

Is there a solution to this problem?

From Clínica Blasi we want to say that we do have a solution, and also two. On the one hand, these patients have the possibility of manufacturing devices for the patient that should be used while they sleep. These devices can be a jaw advance or a mask that facilitates the expulsion of air. On the other hand, there are several treatments of orthodontics, prosthetics and surgery, which correct this problem without the need to use devices at the time of sleep.

When the problem is solved it is much more favorable for the general health of the patient, since this will make him sleep better and therefore also a greater rest that is fundamental for good health.

Grinding or clenching your teeth?

The apneas of sleep can cause that by anguish we squeeze or grind our teeth (bruxism) while we sleep, which affects our oral health. In these cases in which you do not really know what is the reason for these actions, you should investigate well to make a treatment that really solves the problem. The solution to grinding or clenching our teeth while we sleep is a discharge splint, but it is convenient to know the true cause to make a good treatment and diagnosis.

At Clínica Blasi we want our patients to have the best rest and health, for any doubt, please contact us to resolve any doubt, since each of our patients has a personalized treatment.

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