To brush your teeth how much and when?

To brush your teeth how much and when?

It is something that we take for granted the act of brushing our teeth, but it is a very important action to maintain our oral health. In addition to doing it we must do it correctly. Since we must do it a certain times, with a certain duration and be aware of the food we must consume or avoid to have more cure of our teeth.

We want to solve all these issues, so that our patients become true experts.

The recommended duration

The duration of the process is one of the fundamental factors to achieve success in the process. The recommended duration is between 2 or 3 minutes, although this time is of no use if the method used is not correct.

The way we use many of the occasions makes the results not what we expected. It consists of accompanying the brush from the gum to the outside of the tooth, and this both on the outside and inside of the tooth. And we remember that we have 32 teeth, and that each of them is important, and we can not neglect it.

Another advice that is important, to maintain oral health and hygiene, is to sweep the tongue to remove the remains of food that are stacked in the deepest part and can cause tooth decay.

In short, the process to follow must be calculated and methodical to reach all corners of the mouth, and thus protect all the teeth in the best way possible.

Cleaning schedules

The most important thing is to brush your teeth after each meal, although for all the commitments and routines that we carry today it seems that it is not feasible. At least we should brush twice a day, one in the morning, important always after breakfast, and the other at night, before going to bed, which will be the most important.

Brushing in the morning is essential since we want to avoid the production of bacteria, and these occur every 10 hours and as a result create cavities. And the brushing of the night, is the most important, for the simple reason that at night we salivate less and therefore our mouth is less protected. And for that reason, if you brush your teeth before going to sleep, you ensure greater protection of the tooth enamel and it is also advisable to always accompany it with dental floss.

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