The fillings, what are they and what are they for?

The fillings, what are they and what are they for?

The fillings, commonly known as dental fillings, is the treatment that is performed to patients affected by caries or other diseases that generate a cavity. This has a very clear objective that is to repair and restore the anatomy of the tooth. Most cases are caries and this only causes an alteration leaving a gap in the tooth, so we just have to fill in that gap so that the tooth recovers its anatomy and function.

What materials are used?

There are different materials to make a dental filling, although the 2 most common are porcelain, composite and amalgam

– Composite filling
The composite is a mixture of resins widely used in dentistry for dental restorations. It is the most used material for the seals since it is durable and also the color favors dental aesthetics.

– Amalgam filling
Before the silver amalgams were the most used material in the seals. But nowadays due to the metallic color that is very unsightly, besides creating tattoos in the metallic colored mucosa and also dying the tooth, it is a material that is beginning to be in disuse.

What are the most common types of seals?

The obturation can be direct or indirect, this depends on the size of the restoration that the affected tooth requires. Both are mild ambulatory interventions, in which only local anesthesia is necessary.

Direct seals

These are simple injuries that require only one visit in the consultation. A single session is enough to proceed to apply all the treatment, be it with the material that is. With a simple filling, a large part of the anatomy of the tooth is preserved.

Indirect seals

It requires more than one visit to the consultation. As these are larger lesions, these types of seals are associated with dental incrustation treatments in order to return the entire tooth to the patient. In some cases, the affections involve a large part of the tissue, which requires some type of aesthetic and functional finishing.

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