The black triangles between the teeth

The black triangles between the teeth

The so-called black triangles are spaces between the teeth that are caused by the total or partial loss of the gum. Usually these are occupied by the interdental papilla and are a fundamental factor to have a beautiful and natural smile.

Why do these appear?

Its appearance is the consequence of periodontitis (pyorrhea), or more commonly known as periodontal disease. This disease is an infectious / inflammatory evolution that destroys the gum and the bone around the tooth. Apart from affecting the patient’s aesthetics it can also affect their tooth sensitivity and speech.

What is the solution in these cases?

We must know to begin with that the gum we have between our teeth can not regenerate. Although we have two alternatives to solve this problem. The first is orthodontics, the second is porcelain veneers and you can also combine both treatments. These methods allow to reduce or even eliminate these spaces, returning the smile to its natural and aesthetic principle.

In Clínica Blasi you will be able to find the best professionals, who will recommend you the best for your health and your bucodental aesthetics. As was done with the case of the superior image, which was a case of black triangles treated in the clinic.

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