Society is subjected to very high levels of stress, with an accelerated rhythm of life. This stress causes a lot of muscular tension and about 10% of the society suffers headaches of greater or lesser intensity.

In many occasions, aligning your teeth through orthodontics or making sleeping devices helps reduce muscle tension.

We often collaborate with specialist physiotherapists to treat the muscles of the head and neck.

  • Orthodontics: By placing the teeth in their correct position, we can distribute the forces generated in the teeth and thus reduce muscular tensions caused by poor positioning.
  • Night guard: It is an acrylic device that is custom made. This device is used at night and helps to distribute better the forces of the mouth, dampens the pressure exerted by the teeth and prevents wear on them.
  • Muscle deprogrammer: It is a device similar to the night guard, is made to fully release the tension of the mouth and relax the muscles. It is generally used for a short period of time.
  • Physiotherapist: On many occasions need physiotherapy treatment to relax the muscles and contractures. This treatment is usually coordinated with the dentist.
  • I have headaches
  • I wake up with jaw pain in the morning
  • I have trouble opening or closing my mouth
  • I do not bite well because I have bad teeth
  • I have been told that I make noise at night
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