Self-ligating brackets

Self-ligating brackets

Self-ligating brackets are a fixed orthodontic treatment. This method does not use rubber bands to join the arch, so the force is transmitted through the brackets themselves. This method achieves placing the teeth in the correct position using less friction, which means that the treatment time is shorter.

What is the treatment procedure?

Just like traditional orthodontics, every treatment process begins with the exhaustive study of each case and in a personal way, something very important in Clínica Blasi, where we want you to feel at home. Therefore it is important that the needs and wishes of the patient are clear, as well as the appreciation of the professionals.

It will be essential to perform some tests such as radiographs, cephalometry, intraoral and extraoral photographs, these tests are to explore and diagnose to make a better assessment by the specialist of what are the specific needs of the patient.

What are the advantages of the treatment?

The orthodontic system with self-ligating brackets is an evolved system that has several advantages compared to conventional braces in several aspects:

Regarding oral hygiene: The fact that there are no ligatures facilitates the hygiene of our mouth. And therefore reduces the accumulation of tartar, which makes us seek better hygiene and oral health.
The friction is much lower: This favors not only the reduction of discomfort and pain but also reduces the time of treatment.
Visits to the dentist also become more comfortable. The fact of not wearing ligatures reduces the time of the same and, in addition, it is not necessary to go to the specialist with as much assiduity.
The dental extractions common in orthodontic treatments to gain space in the arch and solve problems of crowding and poor dental positions are considerably reduced.

What are the disadvantages of the treatment?

Self-ligating orthodontics also has disadvantages:

It is a less economical method than, for example, traditional metal brackets.
Special care should be taken regarding the intake of apples or bite-sized snacks. Since it is a fixed orthodontic system that can see how its brackets easily detach from these practices even though this is a disadvantage in any type of fixed orthodontic apologists.

At Blasi Clínica Dental Barcelona we have been specialists in self-ligating brackets for more than 10 years.

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