Artículo científico en JERD


Scientific article published by Drs. Blasi

Drs. Gonzalo, Ignacio and Alvaro Blasi have published a scientific article in the American Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry. This magazine belongs to the prestigious American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry dental society. It is a scientific journal with an impact index of 1,786, it receives more than 800 articles a year of which only 100 are published. The published article describes a novel technique that doctors have developed using digital technology to shorten treatment times in interdisciplinary cases.

Objective of the scientific article:

The objective of this article is to present an interdisciplinary treatment that includes periodontics, orthodontics, dental implant placement and prosthodontics with a fully digital approach to dentistry. This technique or approach is something innovative, never published in a scientific journal.

The patient treated in this study presented an edentulous crest in the area of ​​the left lower lateral incisor, as well as a gingival recession in the adjacent teeth.

After performing a digital orthodontic setup and indirect bracket placement, surgical placement of a dental implant was performed prior to orthodontic treatment. In addition, a combination with guided bone regeneration (ROG), connective tissue graft (ITC) and also with corticotomies was performed. Over a period of 6 months, the orthodontic treatment was completely completed and the dental implant was restored after 8 months. Moreover, this same treatment with conventional (analog) planning would have lasted at least a year and a half.

After one and a half years of treatment, a significant reduction in the gingival recession was achieved and the soft tissue increase around the dental implant seemed stable with a good functional and aesthetic result.


In conclusion, using the digital POIP concept with proper diagnosis and careful planning is crucial to reduce treatment time and improve accuracy.