Recommendations to take care of your oral hygiene if you wear orthodontics

Recommendations to take care of your oral hygiene if you wear orthodontics

Orthodontics is the allied treatment for many patients who want to correct the appearance of their dentures. It allows correcting specific defects in the teeth and also rectify the position of our teeth. That is, it is the mechanism to show off a perfect smile. It is true that, for patients with orthodontics, maintaining good teeth cleaning is not an easy task.

The fact that food remains accumulate more easily adds the difficulty of accessing all areas and recesses of the mouth.

1. The essential advice

Many times we have insisted on the importance of taking care of our oral health through dental hygiene, regardless of whether we wear brackets or not. In addition, we will always try to brush your teeth in front of a mirror and do not forget the inside of them.

2. Specialized toothbrushes for orthodontics

These special brushes for orthodontics are suitable for all those patients who have opted for metal, porcelain, sapphire or even lingual brackets. And it is that cleaning the mouth thoroughly when we wear fixed orthodontics is key to prevent the proliferation of bacteria that can cause tooth decay or periodontitis. A good option is the interproximal brushes that allow us to clean in depth both around the dental braces and between the teeth.

3. Prevention of bad breath

It is a reality that people with fixed orthodontics have a higher risk of suffering from cavities, gingivitis and / or bad breath. To avoid the latter we must be very rigorous with brushing, especially the one we do before going to sleep. Using a paste with fluoride and a specific mouthwash mouthwash will help cleaning and, in addition, protect your gums helping to avoid sores, so frequent with orthodontics.

4. Special care for interdental spaces

It is necessary to add the step of cleaning the spaces between the teeth and orthodontics. Oral hygiene with invisible orthodontics passes, in addition to following all the rules we have commented so far, to disinfect the brackets to keep them, also, free of germs.

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