Recommendations before teeth whitening

Recommendations before teeth whitening

People increasingly look at the state of the denture. That is why there is more and more demand for aesthetic treatments. Of all these treatments, teeth whitening highlights, and although we believe that we do it only when we ourselves believe that we need it, it is not like that, because although aesthetic is also a dental treatment.

Therefore, before starting with this, you must know the relevant information and assess all possible procedures to perform it. And although with the tools of today we find any type of information easily, it is much more advisable to go to a specialist who advised us on what will really be better for our case.

What to know before starting this whitening treatment?

It is important to know that whitening can not be performed if the patient’s mouth suffers from any disease that affects the oral health of the patient. Therefore, before we perform we must have a completely healthy mouth. In addition, it is most convenient to perform a buccal cleaning before whitening, so that it is much more effective.

In Clinica Blasi we recommend that these treatments be performed by a professional, since in addition to being more effective, being performed in a specialized center will be a specific treatment for you. Although the patient should know that the whitening is ephemeral, and that at least last a year and a half, that depends on the teeth and the alimentary and hygienic habits of each patient.

What do you need to know after treatment?

It is important once the treatment is done, the patients are aware of the food routine that the first weeks should follow. The most important thing is to remove from food habits those foods or drinks that have a large amount of acids, pigments or any other component that can cause stains. That is why he must adopt a white diet, in which some foods are eliminated, such as: wine, tomato sauce, coffee, tea, etc.

Also know that cold foods will cause a greater sensitivity, and this will occur until the end of treatment. To relieve these symptoms, a toothpaste or mouthwash may be used, but they should also be colorless.

And for smokers know that they should quit smoking, and the first 48 hours are paramount.

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