Phlemon: what is it? Symptoms and treatment

Phlemon: what is it? Symptoms and treatment

Surely, we have heard this word referred to a dental pain, that is why it is important, to be common, to know why it happens and how to treat it.

The phlegmon appears, usually, next to a tooth, tooth or gum because of a bacterial infection in the area. This infection causes a pocket of pus to be produced inside the mouth, which is what we really call phlegmon. The reasons for this infection can be several, and although there are some more frequent, we should consult a specialist to determine the real cause, some of these most frequent are:

Untreated caries: When we have a caries, and we are not aware of it, and therefore we do not treat it, phlegmon can occur at the moment that the caries has evolved and the infection reaches the nerve.
Injuries in the tooth: If the tooth is broken and this is also infected, it must be treated so that a phlegmon does not form, since it would be the consequence of the blow.
Periodontal disease: It is usual for patients who have periodontal diseases to have phlegmons. In this case, since the gums are infected, phlegmon is produced in the gum itself, which causes a sensation of pain in the gum.

The symptoms

The first thing we can appreciate will be a small deformation in our face in the affected area because of the inflammation. In addition, more symptoms may appear depending on the level of advanced infection. The most frequent part of the swelling are usually:

General discomfort due to the infection itself and that could also cause episodes of fever
Sensitivity in the area when consuming hot or cold food therefore causes us an inconvenience at the time of eating
Very strong pain in teeth and molars that appears when we are at rest, and is increasing at the time we chew or touch the infected area. In addition this can be accompanied by a pulsating sensation.
Bad breath or bad taste in the mouth, it happens if the pus leaves the phlegmon and mixes with the saliva itself.

How to prevent it

Some of the tips to prevent the appearance of phlegmon, are:

1-Be attentive to your oral health and go periodically to the dentist, it is recommended at least once a year, and in case of noticing any anomaly go quickly, to be able to treat it in time.

2 – Adequate diet: we must take a balanced diet, reducing and avoiding excess consumption of foods with a lot of sugar, as they can cause tooth decay, and this can lead to phlegmon.

3- Oral hygiene: we must have a daily and careful hygiene, especially after the intakes. In addition to brushing thoroughly, it is advisable to use mouthwashes and dental floss.

About the treatment of this infection the most advisable thing is to go to the specialist so that it detects the origin of the problem, and thus to be able to treat it at the root.

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