Is there an order for babies’ teeth to come out?

Is there an order for babies’ teeth to come out?

There are many parents who care about their babies’ teeth, and that is a very good sign since it means that they value the importance of oral health. There are many questions about teeth, as if it is normal for them to leave with disorder or if they come out crooked.

It is very important that during the first years of life a good oral hygiene routine is acquired, in addition to a balanced and healthy diet.

One of the questions that parents ask the most is to see if it is normal for babies not to have their teeth in order. Well, you should know that there are many cases in which the first teeth that appear can be canines, there are also times when children are already born with a tooth.

Although there are different cases according to the baby, it is true that there is a standard order, but it does not mean that all babies should leave at the same time or the same. The most common is that the first ones that come out are the lower central incisor teeth (6-10 months). After these leave, the superiors (8-12), then the lateral ones (9-16 months), the molars (13-19 months), the canines (16-23) and then the second molars (23-33) months

If your baby does not follow this order, do not worry, it is not bad. In addition, a delay in the appearance of the teeth may occur. On some occasions, there may be a temporary tooth agenesis (which does not exist).

At Clínica Blasi we do not want them to worry for no reason that is why our pediatric dentist is there to give the best advice to our patients.

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