Is there a minimum age for a dental implant?

Is there a minimum age for a dental implant?

We can think that dental implants are an adult thing, since children in the case of losing their teeth are those of milk and it is the natural cycle of dentures.

That is why the question arises, what is the minimum age for dental implants.

What is the age to place an implant in children?

In the case of dental loss due to trauma, which may be caused by the fall of the child for example. There are two cases, one in which you have the dental piece that must be immediately reimplanted in it, and in the case of not having it, the hole must be filled in another way. It is very important, in these cases, that the visit to the dentist be as quick and early as possible since there may be more affected teeth than those that appear to the naked eye. In addition to possible bone fractures or any other consequence that will be better studied and evaluated by the pediatric dentist.

The problem with implants is that once they are placed in the bone they can no longer be modified and they do not evolve with growth like natural teeth, so implants are not performed until bone growth has ended, which is between 21 and 21 25 years.

Normally growth ends in girls at 16 and boys at 18, but a series of tests should be done to assess this cessation, such as:

  • Using an x-ray of the wrist to see that the epiphysis has closed.
  • Measuring the height of the patient, annually and waiting for two consecutive years in which there has been no growth greater than 0.5 cm per year.
  • Superimposing two lateral radiographs of the skull that have been obtained with an interval of 6 to 12 months without significant changes being observed for one year.
  • Through study models we will have to observe the absence of changes in occlusal contacts.

At Clínica Blasi we have an implantologist with many years of experience that will make an exhaustive study to apply the best treatment, and also the most beneficial for the child.

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