First we must know that a dental implant, is the name we give to the piece of titanium that we introduce into the jaw bone or maxilla and that its function is to simulate the root of the tooth, on this will be deposited the prosthesis or crown, which is the piece that simulates the part of the visible tooth.

We must know that the chances of some type of complication are totally minimal, when this implant is of quality and put by a professional in the sector. Although this is the case, there are cases and that is why we want to inform you.

Types of infection

Now that we are clear that the dental implant is an inactive element, we must know that this as such has no possibility of infection but pathogenic bacteria may appear on it, causing the bone that supports the implant to become infected, and scientifically it is called peri-implantitis This is an inflammatory condition that causes pathological changes around the bone tissue that holds the implant. Another disease that may occur even though it is less severe, is peri-implant mucositis, in this case the bone is not affected but the soft tissues that surround the implant are affected.

Symptoms of the infection

The main symptom of this infection is pain, which at first can be confused with post-operative discomfort, but we must bear in mind that the difference is the duration of this, since in the case of infection it is pain It is continuous and persistent, even increasing. We will also notice other symptoms such as bleeding and oozing, redness of the gum in the area where the operation has been performed, and in more advanced cases it may be noticed that the implant moves.

What to do?

In any of the symptoms that are explained above, we should go as soon as possible to the periodontist to heal the infection.

If the patient has any of the following factors, is more likely to have an infection: smoker, poorly controlled diabetes, lack of oral hygiene, alcoholism and / or a history of periodontitis. If you present them, it is necessary to check them before the intervention.

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