Is it necessary to change the amalgams?

Is it necessary to change the amalgams?

Within the properties of the amalgam highlight its longevity, durability, resistance and easy handling. It is also true that aesthetics are not the ones that provide the best results when buying with the materials we have today.

The advantages of changing amalgams

We must know that with this change will be achieved that there is a total absence of metals, mercury and any toxic substance to our body. Some alternatives to this material and that would not cause these toxicities are, for example:

The composite would be an alternative that does not produce any toxicity or allergic reaction besides being more aesthetic.
Resin materials such as glass ionomer, since they are not formed of metal, and therefore do not rust, or corrode. This material releases fluoride ions to the dental tissue, which will prevent the appearance of caries in a high percentage.

Therefore, what these alternative materials offer us is less dental wear, since these two materials adhere to the tooth enamel without having to make additional cavities in the tooth to ensure its retention. On the other hand, in the case of amalgam, if it must be mechanically retained in the tooth, the creation of a tooth structure is necessary.

Apart from the functional and health benefits there is also an aesthetic reason for this change, since compared to other materials such as resin the result is totally different and very noticeable. In addition, the latest generation resin offers many colors to achieve the highest level of mimicry with the natural appearance of your tooth.

Currently, there are countries where the use of amalgam dental fillings is prohibited, regulated or warned. In the case of Spain, specifically in Catalonia, the College of Dentists and Stomatologists has informed its members that it is recommended not to use this material, especially with pregnant women and children under 14 years of age. Also, “the General Directorate of Public Health and Food of the Ministry of Health and Consumption (SIC) of the Community of Madrid believes that the material should be used with caution and limit its use, as long as it is medically possible during periods of lactation or pregnancy. Even the amalgam producers themselves also agree with this statement. This is true because amalgams contain mercury that can trigger or aggravate many pathologies.

Another consequence of the amalgams is the galvanism of the mouth, which is an electrical effect produced by the difference in electrical power between the metals.

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