Intraoral scanners: what are they?

Intraoral scanners: what are they?

Intraoral scanners are devices through which the entire oral cavity can be scanned three-dimensionally, using an optical impression.
The scanner collects each image it takes and also collects distance information from each point on the surface. In this way, with the data that is saved, a three-dimensional image of the patient’s oral cavity is reconstructed on the monitor.
With intraoral scanning, time is gained for both the patient and the professionals, as errors are more precise, the scanned images can be seen directly on the monitor. In addition, the works to the dental technician are sent through the computer.
In the laboratory, the dental technician can manipulate the impressions quickly and efficiently.

What are they used for?

The use of intraoral scanners has very important benefits for both the patient and the oral health professional.
Intraoral scanners can be used as a complementary test to make a more complete diagnosis of the patient. Three-dimensional models are developed and, in this way, safer treatment plans can be developed.
These types of scanners can be used to make impressions on the implants and then be able to design the crown on the implant.
Also, they are frequently used in the realization of dental veneers, crowns or dental inlays. Thanks to the precision of the intraoral scanners, they help to impress perfectly the prepared surfaces so that, in this way, in the dental laboratory the fixed prostheses are made as precise as possible.
In addition, in orthodontics they can also be used to measure the oral surface of the patient and be able to send the records to create the aligners, like her invisible orthodontics, or the lingual brackets.

Many times, scanners allow 3D models to be developed, and so you can work on them in a safer and cleaner way.

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