Interdisciplinary dentistry: Our doctors publish an article

interdisciplinary dentistry

Interdisciplinary dentistry: Our doctors publish an article

Our doctors publish an article on interdisciplinary dentistry

Interdisciplinary dentistry; One of the great strengths of our dental center in Barcelona: is that we have a team of dentists all trained in different specialties. What makes us unique is the synergy that exists between the entire team of doctors. That is why we are capable of performing highly difficult dental treatments with teamwork; each one contributing their knowledge within their dental discipline.

Diagnosis in interdisciplinary dentistry treatment:

One of the keys to successful dental treatment is the initial diagnosis. An accurate diagnosis is key to making a good treatment plan. As the prestigious professor Dr. Morton Amsterdam from the University of Pennsylvania said, “there are multiple correct treatment plans but only one diagnosis.”

Article in Maxillaris magazine

Seeing the importance of diagnosis in dental treatment; it is even more so when the treatment to be carried out involves different disciplines. For this reason, the doctors from BLASI Clínica Dental Barcelona have written an article in the Spanish journal Maxillaris on the importance of diagnosis in multidisciplinary treatment.

Participating doctors:

All the dentists from BLASI Clínica Dental Barcelona have participated in this article: Drs. Alvaro Blasi, Ignacio Blasi, Gonzalo Blasi, José Ignacio Blasi, Víctor Henarejos, Guillermo Doria and Jorge Masià.

Team organization:

This article has divided between extraoral (facial) diagnosis and intraoral diagnosis including dental, periodontal, aesthetic, orthodontic and airway diagnosis. The objective of this article is to help dentists organize their team of dentists to: know how to diagnose, plan and execute complex treatments. An important point within these dental treatments is knowing how to plan the times of each therapy and knowing that by altering these times, we can reduce the treatment time and the number of visits to the dentist by the patient.

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