How to know if I have gingivitis and periodontitis?

How to know if I have gingivitis and periodontitis?

These two are the main diseases of the gums. They are very similar and we must know what difference there is between them. Their common point is their origin, since both are caused by bacteria (bacterial plaque or tartar).
Gingivitis (reversible) is the first phase of the disease that if not treated will progress to periodontitis (irreversible).

Gingivitis. It is the first stage. It consists of inflammation and redness of the gums, which bleed easily during brushing. Gingivitis has a cure but it is important to remedy it in time so that it does not become more aggravated. If you see white matter around the teeth that is not removed by brushing and your gums bleed when brushing or spontaneously, you have gingivitis and you should go to your dentist.

Periodontitis It is the consequence of a gingivitis that has been treated improperly or that has not been diagnosed in time and has not been treated. The infection has penetrated the bone and tissues that support the tooth and suffer irreversible damage. The bone that supports the teeth is lost and the gum retracts. The teeth begin to move and there is also bleeding. It is the first reason why teeth are lost.

To avoid these diseases, it is essential that if we notice any of the symptoms discussed below, visit your specialist, the periodontist. At Clínica Blasi we want to help you prevent these diseases:

Bad breath steadily
Gingival retraction
Bleeding gums
Dental sensitivity that persists over time
Gums reddened and / or inflamed.

After visiting our specialist and that we comply with the stipulated treatment, it is important that we have a good routine of oral hygiene and a healthy diet, in addition to visiting your dentist regularly.

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