How to clean invisible aligners?

How to clean invisible aligners?

Invisible aligners (like Invisalign) allow you to perform dental treatments without anyone noticing it, as well as being removable, so we can remove them if necessary. This treatment is usually used for a primary reason, which is to correct malocclusions. They replace braces for orthodontics, being more discreet and facilitating patient hygiene.

What care is essential?

Normally, although they can be removed and put on, patients usually wear aligners throughout the day, and they only take it out when eating. Therefore, it is essential that the patients have a good daily oral hygiene routine, since the more oral health the more favorable the patient the treatment will be.

To achieve this good oral health, it is necessary to follow a series of tips:

After each meal, rinse the aligner with water before putting it back in the mouth.
The aligner should be cleaned with a toothbrush, using a specific neutral soap.
Perform a daily deep cleaning of the teeth.
It is strongly recommended to use both mouth rinse and floss for a deeper cleansing.
And of course follow the specific instructions of the specialist.

It is noteworthy that all of these tips will help maintain good oral health and more effective treatment, but it is also important to remember the importance of good nutrition. Always reducing the consumption of sugars, as they will be prone to cavities and also very important foods that can get stuck in the appliances.

At Blasi Clinic  we want to give you all the tips to make your treatment more effective, with the support of our orthodontists.

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