How many dental cleanings should be done per year?

How many dental cleanings should be done per year?

Dental prophylaxis, which is what we know as professional dental cleaning, is one of the most common and most demanded treatments that are performed in a dentist’s clinic, and therefore it is also an essential treatment to maintain good oral health.

Although, a patient has a good routine of dental hygiene, which implies that he brushes his teeth after each meal and also they also use a mouthwash and dental floss to perfect their cleaning. It is common and advisable that every so often a professional dental cleaning be done, since it is going to eliminate the most difficult bacterial plaque, which is the one that accumulates between the gums and teeth over time.

The frequency with which this treatment must be carried out varies according to the specific needs of each patient, although the most usual is to do at least one or two per year. Some of the cases in which this would not be so, would be patients who have gum disease or gingivitis, which is recommended to be cleaned every six / four months or less, as these should be extreme precautions to avoid the accumulation of tartar and bacterial plaque that are the factors that cause bleeding, inflammation of the gums and even bone loss that you may end up having. This bacterial plaque, not only can lead to gum diseases, but also is often the cause of other diseases such as bad breath and the appearance of tooth decay. Therefore, we decided the interval between prophylaxis according to the individual risk profile of each patient.

For these reasons at Clínica Blasi we recommend that the dentist should be periodically checked, at least once a year. Since this visit, will allow us to make a diagnosis about the oral health status of our patient and what are their needs, which also includes how often as appropriate should be an oral cleaning.

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