Dr Gonzalo Blasi presents an international webinar.

Gonzalo Blasi periodoncista

Dr Gonzalo Blasi presents an international webinar.

Dr. Gonzalo Blasi presents an international webinar.

On September 22, Dr. Gonzalo Blasi presented an international webinar on allografts to cover gingiva recessions. The webinar was organized by the American company LifeNet Health, based in Virginia Beach (VA). In Spain, LifeNet Health products are distributed by the Salugraft company.

What are gum recessions?

Gingival recessions (or gingival retraction) occur when the gingival margin migrates exposing the root of the tooth. As a consequence, this causes hypersensitivity to cold or heat and sweet foods. It also causes a greater risk of root caries in addition to affecting aesthetics by showing longer teeth. But the big problem with suffering gum recession is that once it is established, a large percentage of these always progress. And the deeper a gum recession, the more difficult it is to treat.

How are receding gums treated?

To treat gingival recessions there are different techniques and biomaterials that can be used. One of these biomaterials is acellular dermal matrices. These dermal matrices replace the patient’s own palatal grafts. The great advantage of dermal matrices is that less morbidity can be achieved since there is no second surgical area on the palate. Also, an unlimited number of recessed teeth can be grafted because there is no material limit. We also reduce the time of surgery since we do not have to take a graft or suture the palate.

Within the autogenous tissue substitutes, there are also xenografts (of animal origin), enamel-derived proteins (of porcine origin) and other growth factors derived from the patient’s own platelets.

Periodontics in Barcelona (Periodontist Gonzalo Blasi)

Dr. Gonzalo Blasi, periodontist in Barcelona, ​​spoke in his talk about these benefits of allografts for the treatment of gum recession to more than 150 dentists around the world. Dr. Gonzalo Blasi leads the periodontics department of BLASI Clínica Dental Barcelona. Always offering the most efficient and predictable treatments to our patients, using the latest technology.

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